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Sorry, I don't know how express my question,
i have some code in C# :

public class Cell
    public bool boo;
    public bool boo2;

    public int xPos;
    public int yPos;

    public Cell(int xPosition, int yPosition)
        xPos = xPosition;
        yPos = yPosition;

    public void SomeMethod()
        boo = false;
        boo2 = true;

    public void SomeMethod2()
        boo = true;
        boo2 = false;

and i create a instance like this :

public static Cell[,] w;
public Cell c

w = new Cell[5,5]
//some other code

and the result from the code above is i can access method and properties from Cell Class, I try to make the same code in F#

type Cell(xPosition:int,yPosition:int) = 

    let mutable m_boo = false
    let mutable m_boo2 = false

    //x and y position of cell in picture box
    let mutable xPosition = 0
    let mutable yPosition = 0

    new(xPosition,yPosition) = new Cell(xPosition,yPosition)
    new() = new Cell(0,0)

    member this.xPos with get() = xPosition
                     and set newX = xPosition <- newX
    member this.yPos with get() = yPosition
                     and set newY = yPosition <- newY
    member this.boo with get() = m_boo
                         and set newBoo = m_boo <- newBoo
    member this.boo2 with get() = m_boo2
                         and set newBoo2 = m_boo2 <- newBoo2
    member this.SomeMethod() = 
        this.boo <- false
        this.boo2 <- true
    member this.SomeMethod2() = 
        this.boo <- true
        this.boo2 <- false

and i try to create the instance :

let worldGrid:Cell[,] = Array2D.zeroCreate 5 5

The result when the code compiled is :

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

is something not right in my code or am i doing it wrong? Hopefully with read the code help to understand my question.

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Array2D.zeroCreate 5 5 indeed creates 25 null instances of Cell class. If you want to initialize them with a default value, you should use:

let worldGrid = Array2D.init 5 5 (fun _ _ -> Cell())

otherwise you have to assign each element of the matrix to a Cell instance before accessing their methods and fields.

Another problem is mutable values xPosition and yPosition are initialized to 0 regarding parameters of the constructors. Furthermore, these mutable values and the class's parameters should have different names to avoid shadowing and confusion. The class could look like this:

type Cell(xPos:int, yPos:int) = 

    let mutable m_boo = false
    let mutable m_boo2 = false

    // x and y position of cell in picture box
    let mutable xPosition = xPos
    let mutable yPosition = yPos

    // ...
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This has all the elements reference the same cell. I think you want to call init: Array2D.init 5 5 (fun _ _ -> Cell()). – Brian Feb 4 '12 at 8:03
Stupid me. Thank you @Brian. – pad Feb 4 '12 at 8:05
thank you, worked!! :D – Yabert Yanuar Feb 4 '12 at 11:11
Would be interesting to see the rest of the C# code, it should have the same problem, shouldn't it? You say you can access methods and properties, yet no objects have been created other than the containing array. – Alexander Rautenberg Feb 12 '12 at 10:25

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