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I have a problem with the status bar visibility in Honeycomb (3.2) while showing an AlertDialog. In my HomeActivity I set the status bar visibility to hidden by the following code:

View v = findViewById(;

So far this works great and should stay so in my whole application. But when I create a new AlertDialog via the AlertDialogBuilder and show it the status bar visibility isn't hidden any more. Do I have to set the status bar visibility explicitly again or something? I have tried a few things, but nothing themes to work.

Thanks for helping me!

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Yep, I think each activity and dialog needs to set it.

This works, sort of:

protected void onPrepareDialog (int id, Dialog dialog) {
    View main_layout = dialog.findViewById(;

The problem is, at least in the Honeycomb ROM I'm developing with (Flashback 10.3), you still get a brief flash of the status bar as the dialog is shown, or so it seems. I'm a noob, so I might be doing dialogs wrong.

Actually, I KNOW I'm doing dialogs wrong because "onPrepareDialog" is deprecated (linky). I'll be figuring out fragments and the fragment manager next.

The only other time I still can't hide the status bar is when the choices pop-up for a spinner. Seems like this should be an app level setting...

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