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Lets say we have this code:

<div id='m1'>

<div class="c"></div>
<div class="c"></div>
<div class="c"></div>

<div id='m2'>

<div class="c"></div>
<div class="c"></div>
<div class="c"></div>


How can i get divs with class 'c' that are in div with id 'm1'? And then set them some css settings...

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div#m1 div.c {
    /* Properties here ... */

This will apply the properties to all class="c" divs within a div which itself has id="m1".

If you're asking for how to get them with Javascript, you can use any library that bundles a CSS-type selector library (like Sizzle!) to do this easily.

For example, in JQuery:

$("div#m1 div.c").style(/* something */);

Or in Dojo:

dojo.style(dojo.query("div#m1 div.c"), /* something */);
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The question is tagged with JavaScript, not CSS, I think he wanted to select it in JS and then manipulate it. –  Useless Code Feb 4 '12 at 8:11
var m1Div = document.getElementById("m1");
var cDivs = m1Div.getElementsByClassName("c");

for(i = 0; i < cDivs.length; i++)
    //apply css attributes to cDivs[i]
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This function from here will fetch an array of all the elements under a particular tag that have a certain class ID.

function getElementsByClassName(classname, node) {
    if(!node) node = document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0];

    var a = [];
    var re = new RegExp('\\b' + classname + '\\b');
    var els = node.getElementsByTagName("*");

    for(var i=0,j=els.length; i<j; i++)

    return a;

So your code would be:

elementsInM1 = getElementsByClassName('c', 'm1');

if( elementsInM1.length > 0 )
    // Loop through, apply styles as you would to normal elements
    // returned by getElementByID
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With jQuery you could do something like this:

$('#m1 > .c').css('color', 'red');

You could also do it with pure JavaScript by using document.querySelectorAll('#m1 > .c') and then looping through each item in the returned node collection and use element.setAttribute('color', 'red')

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