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I want to integrate Twitter in my Blackberry app. I am working on Blackberry JDE 5.0. I imported Twitter_oath\lib\twitter_api_me-1.8.jar creating a lib and make my project dependent on it. When I try to build the my app, it is successful. But when I try to run it in the simulator it gives error saying:

Module 'Twitter_lib' has verification error 2618 at offset 2a28 (codfile version 78)

'Twitter_lib' is the library I have created for importing jar file of Twitter API ME. My project is dependent on 'Twitter_lib'

What may be the problem and how to troubleshoot the problem?

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twitter api me 1.8 jar is works fine for me. –  Signare Feb 24 '12 at 7:26

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  1. Download latest lib package from Project Kenai
  2. In dist folder of project you will find all needed jar files, copy them all into your project
    enter image description here
  3. Add all jars to your project build path
    enter image description here

Should work, hope that helps!

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