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I have received a zipped file having number of images and subfolders (can trace by opening the file in WinRAR) but on unzipping the file (right click->extract here) got "Error: The archieve is either in unknown format or damaged". I tried extracting the files from WinRAR interface but got the empty extracted folder. Is there any way to get the files from such zipped files. Thanks in Advance

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Are you sure file is not corrupted? Which program was used for packing zip file?Did you try to do "repair"? –  rkosegi Feb 4 '12 at 10:25
"Are you sure file is not corrupted?" I don't think so because I can see the files contained in zipped file. Is it possible that the files contained in zipped file are traceable and the zipped file is corrupted? "Which program was used for packing zip file?" Client provided us the zipped file so I can't say which program is used. "Did you try to do 'repair'?" Can you please tell me how to do so? –  Sidra Sultana Feb 4 '12 at 11:20
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Nope. That error message occurs due to these reasons.

  • If your archive is downloaded partially.
  • If you had provided an incorrect password.
  • Corrupted or CRC Errors.

You cannot retrieve information from it. If it's a downloaded archive , try re-downloading it.

Update for Comment Edit: Well in that case, Try this software , there is 99% probability your RAR will work.

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I don't think so that the file is corrupted as I can see the files contained in zipped file. But at the same time I try PKUNZIP(ref: membrane.com/synapse/library/pkunzip.html) to unzip number of files, all files get extracted successfully except this problematic file. –  Sidra Sultana Feb 4 '12 at 11:18
Check the link above. –  Shankar Damodaran Feb 4 '12 at 11:25

I had the same problem. I used this method to solve the problem:

  • Open the archive with WinRar.
  • Then you will see a prompt WinRAR: Diagnostic Messages
  • Close this prompt and select all the files in the archive, right-click and choose repair archive
  • Browse to the location you want to place the repaired archive and click Ok
  • After the repair, you will find the repaired archive at that location
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