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Sorry for puting this silly question: I am reading the book "Using R for Introductory Statistics" and would like to create a barplot using this data


   piece points frequency
1      A      1         9
4      B      3         2
7      C      3         2
10     D      2         4

The variable piece shows the letter, and the variable frequency its respective frequency in the scrabble game. Specifically, I would like to have on the X axis the letters, and on the Y axis the frequencies.

Thank you in advance

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Take a look at barplot(), e.g.:

barplot(scrabble$frequency, names = scrabble$piece, 
        xlab = "Piece", ylab = "Frequency", main = "Letter Frequencies")


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thank you Alex :) I totally forgot I could give them NAMES :D – moldovean Feb 4 '12 at 10:52

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