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I know that one user account registered to C2DM can handle up to 100 apps with C2DM.

My question is this: Can the registered user handle more than 100apps spread on different devices? I want to have a big group of people that share one single Google account.

Is it possible? Is the TOO_MANY_REGISTRATIONS referred just to the apps on a single devices, or is it referred to the apps that one single Google account (registered user) can handle?


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From the Android C2DM documentation (emphasis mine):

Registration ID

An ID issued by the C2DM servers to the Android application that allows it to receive messages. Once the application has the registration ID, it sends it to the third-party application server, which uses it to identify each device that has registered to receive messages for a given application. In other words, a registration ID is tied to a particular application running on a particular device.

From this little snippet, it's fair to assume that the 100 registration limit is per account per device. So for example, if account bob@gmail.com has 100 (C2DM enabled) apps on device A, and wishes to add a new (C2DM enabled) app on device B, then it should be fine. This of course assumes that the number of (C2DM enabled) apps on device B is < 100 at that point.

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