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I am using a Storyboard with a UINavigationController that is set as "is initial View Controller". It's attached RootViewControllers. viewDidLoad method gets called after application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: and applicationDidBecomeActive:.

Why does that happen?

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Because the view is loaded before your application becomes active. Active is defined as the point at which your application begins responding to events, and you need a view for this.

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If you want to know why viewDidLoad method gets called after those methed I suggest you to read the app-launch-sequence-ios. It's the normal bootstrap execeution in every iOS application.

When you istantiate a controller with an associated view, the view for that controller takes some time to load in memory. viewDidLoad is not called immediately but only when the view has been loaded completely. Here you are sure that outlet for that view are linked correctly.

Hope it helps.

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