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JSON is associated with REST. With REST you can also use XML. So why not the other way round ? SOAP with JSON just for the data format while keeping wsdl for the contract aspects which is usefull in some enterprise scenarios ?

Update: so in comment mat points to But that doesn't answer my question:

if it is the best of the 2 breeds why nearly nobody including me never heard of it ? Is it because like SOAP, people just followed a tradition until some guru wakes up and cries: gee we're doing the wrong way again at least for some kind of enterprise apps ?

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1 – Mat Feb 4 '12 at 10:53
ok thanks, I didn't know it did exist but still that doesn't answer my question: since it combines the two why nobody heard of it and use it ? – user310291 Feb 4 '12 at 11:23
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Entirely possible to use JSON as the payload with SOAP.

The main reason people don't do it I would guess is if you already have moved on from the restrictions of XML then why not ditch SOAP as well. JSON origins within JavaScript and simple ajax calls probably means SOAP is too much in the way for people

Strict contracts with SOAP, and XML data validation with XSD is also often entwined. SOAP standards do specify XML as payload, but you can do whatever you want within the CDATA tag. But frameworks may be under the assumption your payload is XML. And as such using two different theories of accessibility probably clashes.

But by all means use JSON with SOAP if you want to.

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The real problem is that many programmers these days equate JSON with REST. People are building APIs delivering JSON responses to JSON requests, and calling them REST. You want metadata? No chance. Want SOAP orchestration or security? No chance. Just so long as its JSON and therefore by inference (falsely) , REST – Sentinel Jul 1 '15 at 21:47

You can do the same thing with JSON, as Mat says - and that's fine. But it's not SOAP - it's just like SOAP. SOAP uses XML by definition.

A SOAP message is specified as an XML infoset whose comment, element, attribute, namespace and character information items are able to be serialized as XML 1.0. (SOAP v1.2, part 1)

You could of course embed a JSON string within the SOAP XML, as the value of one of the parameters, which is a little gross but I can't see a universal reason why not, for document-style SOAP.

REST does not specify what the representations (i.e. the content) must be - it's an architectural style rather than a protocol standard, so JSON, XML or whatever is all possible.

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