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I am currently develop a student database system for my faculty. I am using the PHP together with MySQL. I am thinking to create an option for student to upload their profile photo but I could not find any proper instruction or tutorial of doing that.

Here's the code processing the file uploading:

 /* Script name: uploadFile.php
  * Description: Uploads a file via HTTP with a POST form. 
    if($_FILES[‘pix’][‘tmp_name’] == “none”) 
      echo “<p style=’font-weight: bold’>
        File did not successfully upload. Check the 
            file size. File must be less than 500K.</p>”;
      echo “<p style=’font-weight: bold’>
        File is not a picture. Please try another 
      $temp_file = $_FILES[‘pix’][‘tmp_name’];
      echo “<p style=’font-weight: bold’>
        The file has successfully uploaded:

Code for the file upload form:

<!-- Program Name: form_upload.inc
     Description:  Displays a form to upload a file -->
<head><title>File Upload</title></head>
<ol><li>Enter the file name of the product picture you 
        want to upload or use the browse button 
        to navigate to the picture file.</li>
    <li>When the path to the picture file shows in the
        text field, click the Upload Picture 
<div align=”center”><hr />
<form enctype=”multipart/form-data” 
        action=”uploadFile.php” method=”POST”>
  <input type=”hidden” name=”MAX_FILE_SIZE” 
         value=”500000” />
  <input type=”file” name=”pix” size=”60” />
  <p><input type=”submit” name=”Upload” 
        value=”Upload Picture” />

I got the same outcome which I cant find the file that being uploaded and it is not being uploaded to the location as it should be.

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You should change the destination:


Or, if this is not working, try to move the uploaded file somewhere near the script path, like:

$destination= dirname(__FILE__).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$_FILES[‘pix’][‘name’];

If the second one works then is means, you have given a wrong directory for the upload.

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I think you should first change your image path. and than your datatype set to image in mysql manually, it will be done.

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How do I set the datatype set to image in MySQL manually? –  Steve87 Feb 4 '12 at 15:06

Do you get any error messsage? Do the PHP user have write permissions to the upload directory?

Also, here's two advices possibly not related to your question:

  • Don't use eregi in any new code. It is deprecated, which means it will be removed in a future version of PHP. Instead, use the preg_ functions, or just strpos in this case.
  • Why would $_FILES[‘pix’][‘tmp_name’] ever be the string "none"?
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"Not Found The requested URL /Mentor Mentee System/â€ÂuploadFile.php†was not found on this server." –  Steve87 Feb 5 '12 at 6:41
You probably have the wrong quote characters in your HTML file. Make sure you use " (ASCII number 34). –  Emil Vikström Feb 5 '12 at 14:39

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