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I'm building some type of ESB and one of things that my WSB have to do is to exchange data between two websites build in Spring.

The exchange should works like proxy, but adding some informations to the body of sended message.

To do this now, i was using cxf and jax-rs.

But i'm still thinking, is there any possibility to use some build in features in CAMEL.

The reason why i choosed cxf was, that CAMEL doesn't have any webservice, so i didn't known how to send POST data do CAMEL.

Maybe you have some experience in CAMEL and you know how to send data from website/webservice through HTTP or any other way?


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There is a Camel CXF proxy example you can take a look at:

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Ok, i found this example before, but i didn't concentrate over it. Now i downloaded this project and at the begining i builded it and copied to fuse-esb deploy folder. Next i've looked into localhost:8181/cxf site, where i can see all my cxf projects and i didn't see it. Is this project should run as normal cxf project in Fuse-esb/servicemix or it will be set as a tomcat project? When i'm trying to open localhost:8181/camel-example-cxf-proxy/webservices/incident i get 404. Could you help me to run this project under Fuse-ESB ? – Ilkar Feb 5 '12 at 9:28

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