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I have a master process that forks workers that are servers all that using the cluster module and of course

The problem is that unless I specifically say that I want only one worker, my code just doesn't work. I wrote it before the cluster module existed and it worked fine as a single process, and it seems it's the same now.

What happens when it forks 4 workers (number of cpu cores) with the RedisStore as the session store is the following:

node_redis: no callback to send error: Error: ERR wrong number of arguments for 'hset' command
Caught exception: Error: Error: ERR wrong number of arguments for 'hset' command

And if I use the default MemoryStore, on the logs it keeps repeating

   debug - cleared close timeout for client 3883988821204831830
   debug - discarding transport
   debug - client authorized
   info  - handshake authorized 12039436321106971132
   debug - xhr-polling received data packet �43�5:::{"name":"estimatepp","args":[70821530]}�20�5:::{"name":"ready"}
   debug - setting request GET /
   debug - setting poll timeout
   debug - clearing poll timeout
   debug - xhr-polling writing 7:::1+0
   debug - set close timeout for client 217474157959916242
   warn  - client not handshaken client should reconnect
   info  - transport end

And on the client side (browser) logs it yields a weird error:

Uncaught TypeError: Property 'open' of object #<c> is not a function

The error on the client side doesn't happen with RedisStore, and none of the errors happen with only one worker. I have strong evidence to believe that the wrong number of arguments for 'hset' error is in the RedisStore code of because I don't use any hset at all in my code, and again it doesn't happen with MemoryStore...

What do you think it's happening ? Is this worth reporting to the guys ?

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I have similar issue... Though I don't get any errors in the client-side and particularly on Android devices - both webview and native browser. In my case I'm using UTF-8 encoding in the transmitted data. The thing I found is the moment I emit any Cyrillic text/data, the message is sent properly, however, immediately after that, the transport is discarded:

   debug - set close timeout for client 8983972932106614064
   debug - discarding transport
   debug - cleared close timeout for client 8983972932106614064
   debug - xhr-polling received data packet �88�5:::...

I believe it is very likely a problem of the REDIS store.

BTW, may be if you notice the xhr-polling received data packet, the redis store (I believe) sends another request, named "ready"... Same here... I have two requests after the blocking one and same issue...

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1 - this is the problem solution... – gubarez Apr 9 '12 at 19:09

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