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i have json string as :

       "data": [
             "id": "100000045402409_310121622373595",
             "from": {
                "name": "Ritesh Ranjan",
                "id": "100000045402409"
             "message": "greatttttttttttttt ab jaooooooooo",
             "picture": "\u00253A\u00252F\\u00252Fnews\u00252Fimages\u00252Ftopstory_thumbnail\u00252FChidambaram_2G_120.jpg",
             "link": "",
             "name": "2G scam: Chidambaram verdict expected shortly, huge implications for govt",
             "caption": "",
             "description": "A Delhi court handling the 2G spectrum allocation scam trial is likely to decide today whether Union Home Minister P Chidambaram should be made a co-accused in the case for allegedly allowing former Telecom Minister A Raja to gift mobile network licenses and scarce second-generation or 2G spectrum a...",
             "icon": "",
             "type": "link",
             "application": {
                "name": "Links",
                "id": "2309869772"
             "created_time": "2012-02-04T11:02:22+0000",
             "updated_time": "2012-02-04T11:02:22+0000"
             "id": "100003303253347_132959650157476",
             "from": {
                "name": "Suman Dey",
                "id": "100003303253347"
             "message": "Check out this article I was reading on biNu. 2G verdict: Chidambaram off the hook, government exhales",
             "type": "status",
             "application": {
                "name": "biNu",
                "canvas_name": "binuapp",
                "namespace": "binuapp",
                "id": "378628085054"
             "created_time": "2012-02-04T10:54:19+0000",
             "updated_time": "2012-02-04T10:54:19+0000"

Now i want to parse it using c#

i have used :

    WebClient client = new WebClient();
                string Json = client.DownloadString("");
                System.IO.StreamWriter SW = new System.IO.StreamWriter(JsonDestFile);

                System.IO.StreamWriter SW1 = new System.IO.StreamWriter(ValuesDestFile);

                JObject o = JObject.Parse(Json);
var postTitles = from p in o["data"].Children()["from"]
                             select    p["name"].Values<string>();

                        foreach (var item in postTitles)

But i am not able to get any name values at all.

Its giving me error : Cannot access child value on Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JValue.

Please suggest me how can i parse the above json for values of id, name, id (from one) , message

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I got it working...

var postTitles = from p in JO["data"].Children()
                             select new
                                 Names = (string)p["from"]["name"],
                                 Msg = (string)p["message"],

Using this LINQ i can access the required data.

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I haven't used the LINQ to JSON API, but if you don't insist on using it you can simply create a class that models the data in your JSON payload and then use the following method:

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you need to deseriralise the json string as shown below

public static T Deserialise<T>(string json)
    using (var ms = new MemoryStream(Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(json)))
        var serialiser = new DataContractJsonSerializer(typeof(T));
        return (T)serialiser.ReadObject(ms);

Return type is you class

public class MyData
  public string id { get; set;}
  public string name{ get; set;}
  public string message{ get; set;}

you can check full details : Parse JSON in C#

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This also will work

JObject hh = JObject.Parse(jsonstring);
string name = (string)hh["Name"];
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