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Hi I am trying to use Json Simple to select the "cheese" entry, however I seem to be returning "null" when I try to select it. Would be excellent to have some advice on how to do this?`

Here is the Json sample:

String s="[\"coins\",{\"wallet\":{\"shoppinglist\":{\"cheese\":{\"ingrediants\":[\"milk\",{\"preservative1\":\"wax\"}]}}}}]";

and here is the code:


      Object obj=JSONValue.parse(s);
      JSONArray array=(JSONArray)obj;
      System.out.println("======the 2nd element of array======");
      System.out.println("======the 1st element of array======");

      JSONObject obj2=(JSONObject)array.get(1);
      System.out.println("======field \"1\"==========");

      JSONObject obj3=(JSONObject) obj2.get("shoppinglist");
      System.out.println("======field \"2\"==========");
      System.out.println(obj3);  //This figure is returning null when I would like it to return the json object shopping list

It currently outputs:

    ======the 2nd element of array======

    ======the 1st element of array======

    ======field "1"==========
    ======field "2"==========
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You're skipping one step in the nesting. obj2 has the property "wallet". "shoppinglist" is one level deeper.

To get the intended result, use this:

JSONObject wallet       = (JSONObject) obj2.get("wallet");
JSONObject shoppinglist = (JSONObject) wallet.get("shoppinglist");
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That will teach me a lesson for : trying to be a smarty and doing work in my system.outs and for not naming my Variables with good names. Lesson learned! - and thanks! –  androidbloke Feb 4 '12 at 18:32

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