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I hava a php variable that contain JSON type data.

$list = [{"id":"10","first_name":"first","mi_name":"","last_name":"last","nick_name":"HH"}];

and I need to use the date for EXT-JS XTemplate.

I tried this way,

var myStore = <?php echo $list; ?>;

var myTpl = new Ext.XTemplate(
    "<div style='text-align:center'>",
    '<tpl for=".">',
        '<p> No : {#}</p>',
        '<p>{first_name} {$last Name}</p>',

var myPanel = new Ext.Panel({
    border : true,
    layout : 'fit',
    pageY : 10,
    items : new Ext.DataView({
        store : myStore,
        tpl : myTpl,
        autoHeight : true,
        emptyText : 'No Data'

but it does not work,

also I tried this,

var myStore = Ext.create('', {
    autoLoad : true,
    data : <?php echo $list; ?>

it does not work either.

so I tried to get the data using proxy.

var myStore = new{
    proxy : new{
        url : './index.php?action=getList' //it return same to $list
    fields : [
        {name : 'first_name', type : 'string'},
    {name : 'last_name', type : 'string'}
    autoLoad : true

and It works!


so my question is how can I create the data with JSON type php variable. (I do not want to use proxy to get data if I can)

help me~!

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Your dataview is missing the mandatory config "itemSelector"

For more info, please read the sencha documentation Sencha ExtJS 4 dataview

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