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I am using AVPlayer to play simultaneously two songs.I have just finished everything using AVPlayer ..now my problem is how to set voice for left and Right ears in AVPlayer.I want same property as AVAudioPlayer's pan property.When we set pan= -0.1 it routes only through Left ear and +1.0 routes to right ear of Headphone.Any help how to do this ?

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Please check the documentation of AVAudioPlayer and use the pan property but openAL allows pan, gain, location, and balance, along with effects. Playing Sounds with Positioning Using OpenAL To provide full-featured audio playback including stereo positioning, level control, and simultaneous sounds, use OpenAL. See “Playing Sounds with Positioning Using OpenAL.”

and check this link ObjectAL for iPhone

Hope it helps.

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But i am playing audio from Library,does OpenAL supports that ? –  user1189393 Feb 11 '12 at 8:01
OpenAL (ALSource, or effects in OALSimpleAudio) and AVAudioPlayer (OALAudioTrack, or background audio in OALSimpleAudio) are playback technologies built for different purposes. OpenAL is designed for game-style short sound effects that have no playback delay. AVAudioPlayer is designed for music playback. You can of course mix and match as you please. –  user1120133 Feb 11 '12 at 17:42

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