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Is there any way that I can customize ABPeoplePickerNavController data source? I mean instead of taking members from phone's addressBook, I need it to take data from array for example in my application. I will get list of members from server and I want to display them in ABPeoplePickerNavCont.

If it is not possible, is there any custom ABPeoplePicker. Or will I have to create it all over from ground?

Thank you.

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just go through this post also… – PKM97693321 Feb 4 '12 at 19:32

Apple's ABPeoplePickerNavigationController documentation states that you can set an ABAddressBookRef ("addressBook" is a property of ABPeoplePickerNavigationController) from which the list of contacts is obtained. So you just need to provide an ABAddressBookRef that supplies the list of contacts you want to use.

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