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I have installed the latest Simplepie code (1.2.1) and I am using the demo code they provide:


require '';

$url = '';

$feed = new SimplePie();

// default starting item
$start = 0;

// default number of items to display. 0 = all
$length = 0; 

// if single item, set start to item number and length to 1
    $start = $_GET['item'];
    $length = 1;

// set item link to script uri
$link = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

// loop through items
foreach($feed->get_items($start,$length) as $key=>$item)

    // set query string to item number
    $queryString = '?item=' . $key;

    // if we're displaying a single item, set item link to itself and set query string to nothing
            $link = $item->get_link();
            $queryString = '';        

    // display item title and date    
    echo '<a href="' . $link . $queryString . '">' . $item->get_title() . '</a>';
    echo ' <small>'.$item->get_date().'</small><br>';

    // if single item, display content
            echo ' <small>'.$item->get_content().'</small><br>';
    echo '<br>';


However, when I load the page in my browser, I get dozens of lines saying:

Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /home/pliggs/public_html/rss/ on line 7722

Anyone know what's wrong?

I ran their compatibility test and it shows all things have passed.

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possible duplicate of Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated – Wooble Feb 4 '12 at 14:51

This is a result of SimplePie's PHP 4 compatibility and is nothing in your code. If you want to stop seeing these errors, exclude E_DEPRECATED from your error_reporting:

error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED);

If you'd like to fix the errors themselves, you can grab a copy of SimplePie 1.3-dev (which drops PHP 4 compatibility) from GitHub, although keep in mind this is a development version and is unstable.

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This is the correct answer. Also see WP bug database. Simplepie may have been adjusted in the meantime, but i.e. Compare Revisions still isn't with WP 3.4.2... so one still has to mute deprecated warnings. At least for production. – Frank N Nov 14 '12 at 10:06
WordPress 3.5 will include SimplePie 1.3.1, which has all of these fixed (as it drops PHP 4 support). – Ryan McCue Nov 14 '12 at 10:12

You need to find every instance of "=& new" in the code and delete the "&" which is now deprecated. There are approximately 116 occurrences in the code. It has to do with copies and references of object instantiation.

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The only occurrence of error_reporting I could find in Version 1.2.1 was this line:

if ((ini_get('error_reporting') & $level) > 0)

This was in

I'm still not sure how to disable all these warnings short of going with the dev version which I'd prefer not to as I have enough code to debug as is.

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