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I have a namespace in my app called "storyed".

I have a storyed_contact_mailer in my mailers folder, and the views for the mailer inside the storyed folder in the views folder.

My contacts controller, which is in the namespace and defined like this: class Storyed::StoryedContactsController < Storyed::StoryedController, calls the deliver method in storyed_contact_mailer. It WORKS in development.

In production, on Heroku I get this error, which I can't figure out:

>  NameError (uninitialized constant
> Storyed::StoryedContactsController::StoryedContactMailer):
> 2012-02-04T05:32:35+00:00 app[web.1]:  
> app/controllers/storyed/storyed_contacts_controller.rb:12:in `block in
> create' 2012-02-04T05:32:35+00:00 app[web.1]: 
> 2012-02-04T05:32:35+00:00 app[web.1]:  2012-02-04T05:32:35+00:00
> app[web.1]:  
> app/controllers/storyed/storyed_contacts_controller.rb:10:in `create'

I did at one point have the storyed_contact_mailer inside a storyed folder in the mailers folder, but it still didn't work. Any ideas why this fails in production?

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Not namespacing the mailer at all 'removing the Storyed' part has fixed the problem.

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