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I have several variables like these:

$foo = '123';  
$bar = 'bqwe';

I need to replace {$foo} and {$bar} in a string with the variables.

preg_replace('~\{\$(.*)?\}~sU', ${'\\1'}, $string);

This doesn't work.

PS: The regex might not be correct. I haven't tested it with several variables like {$asd} {$bbb}. I am testing with one variable now.

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You should make the regex more specific. Make it match for \w+ word characters.

And then you were on the right track, but need the /e eval modifier to make the variable lookup in the local scope work:

= preg_replace('~\{\$(\w+?)\}~sUe', '${"$1"}', $string);

So when it matches foo the relacement string becomes ${"foo"} which then is used as expression. (Whereas in your original code it was incorrectly tried before the regex executed.)

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This solution is more elegant and more correct. Thanks! –  Ivan Dokov Feb 7 '12 at 20:32
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You need a loop:

php > $s='blah blah {$foo} blah blah {$bar} blah blah {$foo} blah {$bar} blah';
php > $foo='FOO';
php > $bar='BAR';
php > while (preg_match('~\{\$(.*)?\}~sU', $s, $m)) $s=str_replace($m[0],$$m[1],$s);
php > echo $s;
blah blah FOO blah blah BAR blah blah FOO blah BAR blah
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Well I think u want to remove the text which exist in some variable then u can do it like

$foo = '123';  
$bar = 'bqwe';                      
$str= preg_replace("/".$foo ."/", '', $str, 1);
$str= preg_replace("/".$bar ."/", '', $str, 1);
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