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First off, I'm pretty new so I hope I hadn't missed anything too trivial.

Here's a small preface with lots of info: I'm using Windows & Python 2.7. I've been using an open-source module named pybrain, which I need to change pretty much for my own purposes. So far I've been changing it directly from the python site-packages folder, but I guess it's a pretty messy way to work, so I decided to try and re-do thing so as to launch it from a different folder. I've also decided to start using Aptana (which as far as I can gather is Eclipse-based enough for the same solutions to apply) instead of the messier but simpler "Spyder" I've been using so far.

Pybrain is a pretty layered module with lots of different subfolders, e.g.: pybrain --> subfolder1 --> subfolder2 ...

So far I've figured these out: - I've removed the path to the pybrain folder in site-packages from the PYTHONPATH in aptana project. - I've added the path to the new project folder.

This works for some imports, namely, the ones that only reference relative paths inside the subfolders, e.g. I can import from things in subfolder1 if I write a module in the main folder. However, whenever I try to import things from the other subfolder - I can't use "pybrain" in the hierarchy: from pybrain.subfolder2 import * doesn't work in subfolder1.

And here is my question: How do I configure "pybrain" to be a usable name in the code, just as it was when I had pybrain in the site-packages folder?

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I think you have added the wrong path to your source folder...


if you have a structure


The source folder set should be '/project' (whereas I think you've set /project/pybrain as the source folder)... if that's not the case, please add more information on your folders and what did you set as a source folder...

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Thanks, I've changed the way I access the original package to solve the problem I had. –  user1189509 Feb 13 '12 at 12:23
If this worked for you, please mark the answer as 'accepted'. –  Fabio Zadrozny Feb 14 '12 at 13:15

Probably Aptana has some way to configure the list of folders which are considered source packages as in pycharm and in eclipse-pydev.

In any case, you could access your module using a .pth file in your site-packages. This file can be named as you want (p.e. pybrain.pth) and should contain only one line with the path to your pybrain folder. See this and this.

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Actually I already had it as a source package before, and the .pth idea didn't solve my problem... –  user1189509 Feb 4 '12 at 19:13
the pth file should work. Are you applying it to the original pybrain folder or to the modified one ?. Try first with the original one before modifications. Is pybrain automatically generating a pth file when installed? –  joaquin Feb 5 '12 at 5:52

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