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I want to change all of the words in a text who matches a certain word with another one in bourne shell. For example:

hello sara, my name is sara too.


hello mary, my name is mary too.

Can anybody help me?
I know that grep find similar words but I want to replace them with other word.

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Pure bash syntax:

before='hello sara , my name is sara too .'
echo $after

OR sed syntax:

sed 's/sara/mary/g' <<< $before
echo $after


hello mary , my name is mary too .
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The input string would better be named something other than s, to avoid confusion in ${s//sara/mary} and 's/sara/mary/g'. – galath Dec 2 '15 at 10:22

You can use sed for that:

$ sed s/sara/mary/g <<< 'hello sara , my name is sara too .'
hello mary , my name is mary too .

Or if you want to change a file in place:

$ cat FILE
hello sara , my name is sara too .
$ sed -i s/sara/mary/g FILE
$ cat FILE
hello mary , my name is mary too .
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You can use sed:

# sed 's/sara/mary/g' FILENAME

will output the results. The s/// construct means search and replace using regular expressions. The 'g' at the end means "every instance" (not just the first).

You can also use perl and edit the file in place:

# perl -p -i -e 's/sara/mary/g;' FILENAME
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sed can also do in-place-modification. – Niklas B. Feb 4 '12 at 15:59
Newer ones, by GNU, yes. – Wes Hardaker Feb 4 '12 at 16:01

Or awk

awk '{gsub("sara","mary")}1' <<< "hello sara, my name is sara too."
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You need to use sed to replace words

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