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I would like to insert some shortcodes in the wordpress editor (v 3.3+)

The string looks like

[a_col]<p>some text or other stuff</p>[/a_col]

which is fine but if i use this line in JS


my shortcodes get surrounded by p tags which looks like

<p>[a_col]</p><p>some text or other stuff</p><p>[/a_col]</p>

I really don't like to touch native functions. Maybe there is a different solution to insert content

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If you were to add_filter on 'the_content', you could probably parse the

tags out:


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Don't like to do it serverside. I would like to send the correct markup on a submit action –  revaxarts Feb 4 '12 at 16:43

When in the "editor" switch to HTML mode from tinymce mode. That way it's not converting what you have in the textfield.

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      <?php remove_filter (‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’); ?>


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Here is my solution:

the shortcode function returns

<div class="col a">'.preg_replace('#^<\/p>|<p>$#', '', do_shortcode($content)).'</div>

this removes all unwanted p tags

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This issue was fixed in Wordpress version 2.5.1 see the shortcode API for further details

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