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I am finding the Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract class quite insufficient for my application but maybe I am just not aware of some methods or helpers in Zend Framework. Few things I am not able to do with the request object. First I get it like this in a controller action:

$request = $this->getRequest();

Now I want to get a GET or POST parameter but it is not possible. Only thing I can do is:

$foo = $request->getParam('foo');

But I want to specifically get the parameter only from POST or GET (without having to use $_GET and $_POST arrays). Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract searches both POST and GET which is not very useful as usually you know exactly from where you want to get the parameter from.

How can I get raw POST data?

How can I get raw PUT data?

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You should be able to chain off of getRequest(), like so:

$postUsername = $this->getRequest()->getPost('username');

// Get All Post data
$postData = $this->getRequest()->getPost();

Have a look at Zend_Controller_Request_Http, which extends the abstract class. As far as PUT data, I see a method to tell if the request was PUT around line 865 of the http controller.

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you can also use it like this. Without a chain in a controller. Because there is a protected method inside the Zend_Controller_Action wich do this for you.

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