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I've got this (mongoose) class (this syntax being coffeescript):

Entry = new mongoose.Schema
   duration: Number

I am explicitly setting the duration property with an integer (or a decimal, the result is the same):

entry = new Entry
entry.duration = 1

I am saving this mongoose entity:


But when testing the resulting entity returned by a findOne, I cannot get the duration property to pass my unit test:

doc.duration.should.eql 1

This always returns:

AssertionError: expected 1 to equal 1

As said before, I get this result with a value of 1 or 1.5 The doc returned by the findOne is exactly the entity I saved just before.

What am I doing wrong?

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The right way to unit test a property of type Number on a Mongoose Schema class is:

doc.duration.valueOf().should.eql 1

So calling the valueOf() method on the property returns the value of the property. Simply returning the property returns an Object.

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