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I have a problem making Twitter display the main image in the "Media" sidebar, when I share a page from my photo sharing service. Is there a specific CSS naming convention which I have to stick to? For example, I know that Facebook does look for some specific class names and tags.

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It does not work quite the same unless you are a content partner for Twitter. However since October 2011 you can use the statuses/update_with_media POST request on upload.twitter.com to achieve more or less the same effect.

In short you can use these Parameters in the media[] array.

"sizes": {
  "large": {
  "medium": {...},
  "small": {...},
  "thumb": {...}
"media_url_https": "...",
"expanded_url": "...",
"id_str": "...",
"url": "...",
"id": ...,
"type": "...",
"indices": [],
"display_url": "...",
"media_url": "..."

https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1/post/statuses/update_with_media contains full details and an example request

Remember you will have to share the image and post the tweet via the API as otherwise twitter does not get the media[] parameter.

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