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I have implemented ajax request to populate my drop down fields. It is working Fine but when I stay idle for some time and select some value in drop down the ajax request gets 302 found response. Is it due to session out. Please let me know the solution, can we do some setting that it will never get response as 302 found.

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The 302 status code indicates that the resource you are requesting has redirected to another resource. If this is behind some authentication, or requiring a session to be active then yes, it would follow that the session timing out is responsible for the ajax resource being called to redirect to possibly a login screen maybe.

I would seriously recommend using something like Charles or Fiddler to track the requests being made.

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I am using <auth-method>Basic</auth-method>, so how to get the login window, if session out –  Aditya Feb 4 '12 at 19:08
@Digbyswift Its true and helped me. Its because of the session time out. thanks bro:) –  Blank Head Nov 28 '14 at 6:47

in your code you should check that Session is available or not. Because when send GET/POST request, there may be some other requests for image or anything other. & Session will not be available for that requests. So, use below code to check the session before using Session. if (Context.Session != null) { // Your code }

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