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I have a bunch of photos from police lineups, so they're good quality but I only have the front-facing photos. I'd like to compute the similarity of any two faces in a manner that should ideally correlate with human-based similarity ratings. I know how to use openCV to do things like find faces in photos and compute things like aspect ratio, eye-separation-to-mouth-distance ratio, etc, but before I hack at that I thought I'd ask here if there are already any pre-existing (and, ideally, validated against human ratings) apps or libraries that have already done all the work to achieve such face similarity ratings.

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Try google picasa software. They have the best face recognition. Once you tag a photo with that person's name, picasa will collect all the photos which have that person's face. –  Abid Rahman K Feb 5 '12 at 4:22
@arkiaz interesting suggestion, but that would yield dichotomous output (i.e. given a named photo1, photo2 will either be tagged as the same person or not), which is rather un-optimal for our purposes. Plus, I suspect that picasa's algorithm won't make many mistakes, thus making it less useful for obtaining similarity metrics. –  Mike Lawrence Feb 5 '12 at 17:20

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