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When publishing a reporting services report. Where does the actual .RDL file sit on the server?

I can redownload the .RDL file via browsing through the report manager? But where is this file situated on the reporting services server?


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It is not a file on the server. It stored as a BLOB in the ReportServer database.

(In the Catalog table to be precise on SSRS 2005)

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This page shows how to retrieve this using T-SQL



Update: here's the relevant query, in case that blog post disappears in the future:

select convert(varchar(max), convert(varbinary(max), content))
from catalog
where content is not null
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catalog is located in the ReportDatabase for SSRS inside SQL server. –  Steam Apr 6 at 6:08
btw, I tried this on sql server 2008r2 and I got a blank column. –  Steam Apr 6 at 6:08
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