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The tf.exe is the CLI interface to the Team Foundation Server.

In my case the complexity and structure of the permutations of the command-line switches is similar. There are about two dozen of different report types in a GUI app that I am trying to drive from command line (I can do those things through an add-in), and there will be about half-dozen different commands. I will start by implementing the simplest functionality, but then will add complexity as I have more time. This means that this will keep on evolving, and I will never know the exhaustive list of all possible permutations.

In general, the cli syntax will be:

Manipulate.exe <Command> <ReportType> <Followed by options that depend on the first two switches>

For example:

Manipulate.exe Open ABCReport /option1:"1 2 3" [/option2:2 [/option3:"3 3"]] | /option4:4 | /option5
Manipulate.exe Open XYZReport /option1:"1 2 3" /option2:2 [/option3]
Manipulate.exe Close ABCReport (/reportid:987 | /reportmnemonic:"ABC12 Report")
Manipulate.exe Close XYZReport (/reportid:876 | /reportmnemonic:"ZYZ98 Report")
Manipulate.exe Refresh ABCReport (/reportid:987 | /reportmnemonic:"ABC12 Report")
Manipulate.exe Refresh XYZReport (/reportid:876 | /reportmnemonic:"ZYZ98 Report")
Manipulate.exe SelectRows ABCReport (/reportid:987 | /reportmnemonic:"ABC12 Report") <followed by select criteria flags>
Manipulate.exe SelectRows XYZReport (/reportid:876 | /reportmnemonic:"ZYZ98 Report") <followed by select criteria flags>

Due to complexity of this I am thinking of rolling my own parsing logic at least partially, e.g. there would be an abstract ReportOpener, ReportCloser, ReportRefresher, ReportRowsSelector, etc. class (all children of abstract ReportManipulator), and then more concrete classes such as ABCReportOpener, ABCReportRowSelector, etc. which will have to implement PrintUsage, ParseArguments, PerformAction. There can be a simple dispatcher which looks at the first two arguments, makes sure that command and report type are valid, and then tries to dispatch on this combination (if it is implemented / can be found) by creating the right subclass.

I think I would need abstract classes - that way the parent class can implement some of the common work. However, the dispatching in my case is not arbitrary as in a multi-method dispatch, but hierarchical, so I would like to leverage the power of OO somehow. If only ReportOpener, ReportCloser, ReportRefresher, ReportManipulator could be instantiated and had the knowledge of all its children as well as the ability to fetch the right child based on the value of just ONE command-line switch ... but then they cannot be abstract.

Is this a reasonable approach for this task or can you suggest something better? What is the best library to parse the remaining (third through last) arguments, given the sample syntax above?

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