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I have String in the following format

blah blah [user:1] ho ho [user:2] he he he

I want it to be replaced by

blah blah <a href='1'>someFunctionCall(1)</a> ho ho <a href='2'>someFunctionCall(2)</a> he he he

so two things replacement of [user:id] and a methodCall

note: I want to do it in groovy, what would be the efficient way of doing it

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Groovy, baby:

def someFunctionCall = { "someFunctionCall(${it})" }
assert "blah blah [user:1] ho ho [user:2] he he he"
    .replaceAll(/\[user:(\d+)]/){ all, id ->
    "<a href=\"${id}\">${someFunctionCall(id)}</a>"
    } == "blah blah <a href=\"1\">someFunctionCall(1)</a> ho ho <a href=\"2\">someFunctionCall(2)</a> he he he"
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was able to come up with solution with previous description of yours thanks – user602865 Feb 4 '12 at 21:53

I don't know about groovy, but in PHP it would be :

$string = 'blah blah [user:1] ho ho [user:2] he he he';
$pattern = '/(.*)\[user:(\d+)](.*)\[user:(\d+)](.*)/';
$replacement = '${1}<a href=\'${2}\'>someFunctionCall(${2})</a>${3}<a href=\'${4}\'>someFunctionCall(${4})</a>${5}';
echo preg_replace($pattern, $replacement, $string);
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