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I am using Mongoid as my backend and I am in need to return json with an "id" attribute instead of the default "_id" used by mongoid

for instance, I have now

  "_id": "4f2d8b971773eb18e6000001",
  "name": "Scooter"
}, {
  "_id": "4f2d8d9f1773eb18fd000001",
  "name": "Coldplay"

from a call to render:

  format.json { render :json => @groups, only:[:name, :_id] }

but need,

  "id": "4f2d8b971773eb18e6000001",
  "name": "Scooter"
}, {
  "id": "4f2d8d9f1773eb18fd000001",
  "name": "Coldplay"

Any shortcuts?

Thank you!!

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If you're able to add an attribute accessor for _id called just id, then this should be easily solved by overriding as_json in your model.

def id

def as_json(options={})
  options.merge!(:except => :_id, :methods => :id)

Update: Made the override a bit more friendly to the parent method.

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