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At work, in csh, I use this alias in my .alias file:

alias n  'nedit \!* &'

I can then type --> n file1 file2 ... file, and nedit will start in the background with each of the files in a separate tabbed window, leaving my terminal free for other tasks.

Now, in BASH, I can't do the file insertions without using a function, but then how do I also get the application in the background?

function n()
   nedit "$@";

If I add an & between the second quote and the semi-colon, I get a syntax error.

Thanks for the help, Eric

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You might consider using screen instead of attempting to break things out like this. – Drahkar Feb 4 '12 at 22:16
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Just an ampersand, no semicolon:

function n()
   nedit "$@" &
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