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Suppose I have an ArrayList containing 10 numbers. While I iterate through the array from the ui thread, I send sms like :

new smsAsyncTask().execute(new String[]{number,message});

public class smsAsyncTask extends AsyncTask <String,Void,Void>{

    protected Void doInBackground(String... data) {

            smsmanager.sendTextMessage(data[0], null, data[1], null, null);

            return null;


What I wonder is if the user press return button before all sms have been sent, will the AsyncTasks be killed with the Activity ? Should I use ui thread instead of sending with AsyncTasks, I want the ui to stay as fast as possible.

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If the user exits the Activity hosting the AsyncTask then there is a danger that the thread used for doInBackground(...) may become orphaned if you don't clean up properley (in onPause() for example). I'd probably use a Service of some sort (most likely an IntentService) rather than an AsyncTask or anything hosted by the Activity directly. – Squonk Feb 4 '12 at 23:06
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I would also suggest using a service which is more reliable than async task, async task is dependent on the activity being in the foreground.

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