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Can someone give me a quick gstreamer application to test if qtdemux is working. It needs to output to a filesink not imagesink as this is on a server with no gui. I seem to have it working via gst-launch, but when compiling an application it does not seem to work.

I have tried the following,

caps = gst_caps_new_simple("video/x-raw-yuv",
                      "format", GST_TYPE_FOURCC, GST_MAKE_FOURCC ('I', '4', '2', '0'),
                      "width", G_TYPE_INT, 384,
                      "height", G_TYPE_INT, 216,
                      "framerate", GST_TYPE_FRACTION, 25, 1,

Thx Art

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You can test everything from gst-launch like so:

gst-launch filesrc ! qtdemux name=demux demux.audio_00 ! decodebin ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! autoaudiosink demux.video_00 ! queue ! decodebin ! ffmpegcolorspace ! videoscale ! autovideosink

More info on qtdemux

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