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I have to grab a configuration directive from multiple configuration files for a series of identical web applications, each in their own folders.

I have the code to step through and open each file, in it's own folder. what I am lacking is a statement that will return the value specified in the config:


I want to search for $variable, and return with "value" , perform my operation with that value, and close the file.

I know it's got to be something simple I am forgetting. Anyone have some hints?

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This is relatively simple. What code do you have so far? –  vol7ron Feb 4 '12 at 23:31

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You could use several of the existing config modules from CPAN (Searching for Config for example)

There are modules for almost all flavours and needs of config files: (Examples)

Don't reinvent the wheel by coding another configuration module.

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Many thanks, that's what I was looking for and more. –  Daniel Baker Feb 5 '12 at 5:34

I would use Config::Model , comes with cli and gui editors

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Perhaps you want something like this?

ls webapps/*/conf/*.conf | xargs perl -nle 'print "$ARGV: $1" if /\$variable\s+=\s+"([^"]+)"/'
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