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I'm using the recaptcha gem ( but have been unable to change from the default theme. The google documentation indicates that there are four base themes, one of which is 'white'. The recaptcha_tags docs identify a :display option:

:display - Takes a hash containing the theme and tabindex options per the API. (default nil)  

I'm calling the function this way:

 <%= recaptcha_tags :display => { :theme => "white" } %>

But I only get the default theme, not the white theme. I inserted a puts() into the source of the gem where the options are parsed and get the following:

Options: {:public_key=>"XXXXXXXXXXXXX-YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY", :error=>"expression"}

I've tried every variation I can think of to pass a :display option with a hash of :theme => "white" and can't get it to work. What am I doing wrong here?

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I tried and your example works for me: <%= recaptcha_tags :display => { :theme => "white" }%> My recaptcha gem version is 0.3.4, maybe you use old version?

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I realized I was having some other strange things going on. I dumped the branch I was working on and went back to the master and the problem disappeared. Go figure. Thanks for looking into this. – Don Feb 16 '12 at 1:41

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