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I'm using IntelliJ on a USB drive, so I'm trying to work out a portable install. I've got most of everything to work, except for VCS.

Whenever I try to push some commits with Git, IntelliJ looks for an SSH key file, but it is looking in my home path (C:\Users\.ssh), and I would rather it looked for the SSH keys somewhere else (namely the IntelliJ IDEA installation folder on my USB drive)

So how can I change the directory where IntelliJ looks for SSH keys? Is it possible?

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There is an open feature request for this in IntelliJ IDEA issue tracker, please vote,

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Thank you for sharing that, I've now upvoted it. Though it seems unlikely to be patched soon as it's been over a year since the last update... – NecroBumpist Feb 5 '12 at 16:04

IDEA uses %HOME% environment variable to search for .ssh/known_hosts. Setting it to different value might help. Check this answer for more details.

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