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how can I read a text file and save it to a variable in bash ? my code is here :

echo "Please, enter your project name"
cp -r -f /home/reza/Templates/Template\ Project/* $PROJECT_NAME  
cd $PROJECT_NAME/Latest  
TEXT = `cat configure.ac `  ## problem is here   !!!  
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The issue is that you have an extra space. Assignment requires zero spaces between the = operator. However, with bash you can use:


You'll also want to make sure you quote your variables to preserve newlines

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it worked but it has a problem :the lines are missing .all the characters become in just 1 line like this what I should do ? – reza Feb 5 '12 at 2:42
@reza did you quote your variables like I mentioned? – SiegeX Feb 5 '12 at 3:16


TEXT=`cat configure.ac`

That should work.


To clarify, the difference is in the spacing: putting a space after TEXT causes bash to try to look it up as a command.

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For execute a command and return the result in bash script for save in a variable, for example, you must write the command inner to var=$(command). And you mustn't give spaces between var,'=' and $(). Look at this

TEXT=$('cat configure.ac')

Now, echo $TEXT return the content by file configure.ac.

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