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I need to do an implementation in the "Masked Input Plugin" to make it work masks accepting the following values:

(99) 9999-9999 or (99) 99999-9999

I tried this:

$('.tel').mask('(99) 9999? 9-9999');

but if I report the value (99) 9999 9999 as it renders (99) 99999-999 I do not want

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You can use this nice solution

    var phone, element;
    element = $(this);
    phone = element.val().replace(/\D/g, '');
    if(phone.length > 10) {
        element.mask("(99) 99999-999?9");
    } else {
        element.mask("(99) 9999-9999?9");

Original code found at

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