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In my view, I want to make a request to from an arbitrary page such as or from Thus, I can't make this a relative request using ./ or ./../ type things. Do I have to use a context processor to do {{URL_BASE}}more/stuff/? Is there a set way to do this in Django or a best way?

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Instead of a relative url, use an absolute url: /

If you're on or, hitting a link with url: /foo/ will both go to

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why don't you use named urls? it's always works. for example {% url 'admin:index' %} always printed as url to admin(in case if you using default django.contrib.admin app). if you'll have in smth like

url(r'^lots/', Lots.as_view(), name='lots'),

then just use smth like

{% url 'lots' %}

Don't hardcode your urls!

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this would work also. I will use this way when I build my next app. – Alexis Feb 5 '12 at 10:15

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