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I have one model:

class Model_Alumno extends Model_Table {
public $entity_code='alumno';
function init(){


    $this->addField('name')->caption('Nombre del Alumno')->mandatory(true);
function calculate_is_inscrito(){
    what goes here????


I wanto to calculate is_inscrito as Y or N, if a record with it's id exists in some other table, so I can use an SQL like this:

SELECT IF( (SELECT count(*) FROM programaPago, alumno WHERE alumno_id=CORRESPONDING ID)>0, 'Y', 'N')

How can I write the calculate_is_inscrito function?

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function calculate_is_inscrito(){
    return "IF( (SELECT count(*) FROM programaPago, alumno WHERE alumno_id=".
        ($this->table_alias?:$this->entity_code).".id)>0, 'Y', 'N')";
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