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I have an application in java, in which i try to ensure that the if anybody exits codes System.exit() in the code , an listener should be called to do some stuff like logging message and releasing the resources ...

How can i implement it, any suggestion/approach is welcome.

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The Runtime.addShutdownHook method can be used to add a shutdown hook, which is basically a unstarted Thread, which executes on shutdown of the Java Virtual Machine.

However, this is territory that should to be tread carefully, as it is being performed at a very sensitive time of the JVM's life cycle. From the API Specifications for the Runtime.addShutdownHook method:

Shutdown hooks run at a delicate time in the life cycle of a virtual machine and should therefore be coded defensively. They should, in particular, be written to be thread-safe and to avoid deadlocks insofar as possible.

In any event, be sure to read up a bit on how shutdown hooks work, as they probably should not be approached without some good preparation. Be sure to carefully read the API Specification for the Runtime.addShutdownHook method.

Here's are a couple articles I found from searching for information for this answer:

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thanks for the prompt reply –  harshit May 27 '09 at 9:20

You can use a "shutdown hook" as explained in this article.

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The function addShutdownHook(Thread thehook) allows you to register a hook into the java virtual machine.
The hook works as an initialized but unstarted thread, which then will be called by jvm on exit(Note that if you register many hooks, there is no telling which hook will be called first)

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