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I have a map implemented via Raphael JS, which wraps VML and SVG to support cross web browsers drawing.

Everything looks good except the font in IE(6/7/8)

it seems AntiAliasing is turned on rendering the text in VML, and the text looks unclear and blur, please is there a way to turn off the AntiAliasing?

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To the SVG tag, add shape-rendering = 'crispEdges'

Does that solve the issue?

You can also try adding font-smooth : never to your styles for the SVG.

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I don't have this problem in SVG, I have the problem in VML. – user325320 Feb 5 '12 at 10:36
  1. Try to use not px in font-size. Use pt or %.
  2. You can use @font-face with eot font format. Custom fonts render without antialiasing.


   <style type="text/css">
      @font-face {
   <p style="font-family: comic; font-size: 18pt;">This paragraph uses the font-face 
   rule defined in the above style element. The rule embeds an OpenType file for the 
   Comic Sans font. </p>

You can use FontSquirrel generator to generate EOT font file.

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