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Firstly: I am totally a newbie for this kind of work.

I have a USB rndis device driver for some hardware only working in XP/2000/Vista. But I want to port this to CE or Linux, and vendor also says that developer should do that.

In summary, I have XP drivers and Interface/End point configurations the driver has. And I have two questions related:

  1. Why do I need to write a driver to communicate the device using IP number? Does not Windows support that by default?

  2. If so what do I need to know to port the driver to another OS? I used windriver, it got the configurations, but what can I do next? What else should I know about the device?

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I can't answer to you question directly, but there is the Synce project, that is MS ActiveSync replacement for linux. It allows to communicate with Windows Mobile devices via rndis. So if you walk over site you will find the the source of usb-rndis-lite driver for linux.

May be this can be used as some starting point for your work.

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I believe that will help me getting the basics. Thanks u! –  ercu May 27 '09 at 13:07

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