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I have the following table

id  full_name   nickname
1   Jennifer    Jen
2   Jerome  
3   James   
4   Jeremiah    J
5   Geoffrey    Jeff

and am trying to make a roster so that if a student has a nickname, then they will only go by that nickname like so.

id  new_name
1   Jen
2   Jerome
3   James
4   J
5   Jeff

What's a query I can use on the orginal table to produce a result set that has the new_name as the student's nickname if they have one, and if has the new_name as their full name?

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If "no nickname" means that nickname is NULL then you can use COALESCE:

select id, coalesce(nickname, full_name) as new_name
from your_table

And if "no nickname" is represented as an empty string then:

select id,
       case nickname when '' then full_name else nickname end
from your_table

And if you it could be either an empty string or a NULL:

select id,
       case coalesce(nickname, '') when '' then full_name else nickname end
from your_table
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Sorry, the nick_name field is blank '' if someone does not have a nickname, how would I go about approaching this? –  user784637 Feb 5 '12 at 6:36
@LedZeppelin: I added a couple more options that should work for you. –  mu is too short Feb 5 '12 at 6:45

You can use mysql control flow function IFNULL

SELECT id, IFNULL(nickName, full_name) as new_name FROM your_table

here if nickname is null then full_name is returned else nickname is returned

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