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I am using Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition and am attempting to instantiate a class using the Create Instance option in the Class View. The constructor has three parameters, two of which are DateTime structures.

My question is: how do I enter a valid DateTime into the Value box?

I have tried the following to no avail:

28-05-2009 06:00:00
"28-05-2009 06:00:00"
new DateTime("28-05-2009 06:00:00")
new System.DateTime("28-05-2009 06:00:00")

In all cases it just shows a Type Mismatch: 'System.DateTime' expected error.

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It's currently not possible in the existing Object Test Bench

See this link. It's currently an "On Hold" Feature Request


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Blow! Cheers for that. What a wasted opportunity by MS. Those are the sort of things Borland always got right as I remember. –  Pandelon May 27 '09 at 13:18

You could create a new DateTime instance from Class View, and select it from the dropdown list in the grid.

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