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I would like to know where can I find the code which eclipse uses to display the forms in the plugin.xml file. In particular I am looking for the form layout used in the extension tab in the plugin.xml

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You can import the eclipse plugins into your workspace by using import -> Plugins and Fragments from the package explorer. Then use the following options:

  • Select from all plug-ins and fragments found at the specified location
  • import from the target platform with source folders (last option)

Import the org.eclipse.pde.ui plugin

The code you seek is in org.eclipse.pde.internal.ui.editor.plugin

More specifically, the ExtensionPointsPage class

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Unfortunately, Eclipse's plugin search doesn't work for referenced plugins. To do these searches I created a workspace that contains all the plugins from my eclipse install as source folders. I just open the workspace and perform my plugin search there. Just open the search dialog and choose plugin.

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