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I want start my journey with java. I created some project so I am not new in this topic, but now I want extend my knowledge. I want to create project which will imitate shop with the guns. I want to use in this project: Hibernate, Data base and more technologies, because I think that is the best way to learn this technologies. So this is my question. How I can start. Can you show me some tutorials or some examples how I can start? Thank you a lot. Maybe you have some better ideas how I can start with this technologies? Thank you for all advices.

About some technologies: I want learn about Spring, Hibernate, Data Bases. I want to know some informations about servers like Tomcat or JBoss.

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You should give more details on that more technologies..

  • Here you have the Official Getting Started guide for Hibernate
  • Here you can start looking for some Web Technologies in Java (Struts) to start your new project
  • Spring Getting started Guide. In the same website they have official documentation also.
  • Regarding the Database subject that still somehow general because there are a lot of DBMS, Database orientations... To have a quick start start I recommend you Mysql.
  • An extra tip: You should use an IDE for this type of projects: IMO: Netbeans or Eclipse. They help you a lot with many plugins: some live-checking errors, Java server configuration (Like Tomcat for example), plenty of documentation for Java inside your project, etc.

If you give us more details maybe we can put you in the right direction :)

Good luck!

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Go for Head First Java by O'Rielly , This is the best Java book around , it is Perfect for java learning

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Here are some books you could start with. Complete Reference Java by Herbert Schildt. Tata McGrow Hill Publication Head First Java by Kathy Sierra O'Relly Publication

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You have to perform following steps:

  1. First you have to good understand OOP concept. OOP consist of multiple rule e.g Polymorphism, Inheritance.
  2. Second you have to learned man java features and understand what java implements OOP rules.
  3. Then you have to learning Java Fundamental.
  4. In last you can try to using several framework.

Note: You have to learning desing pattern concepts. For better learning exist books an blog .Java also prepared this good tutorial : http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/

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