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I'm looking for RoR solution to register direct redirects from my site, php-ga looks good but it is PHP.

I mean I have some controller#redirect action which makes smth like this

def redirect
  link = Links.find_by_key params[:key]

  redirect_to link.url

That makes flawless redirects from to target location for any external references.

I definitely do not want to use real redirect page with JS code. And PHP-GA ( ) looks like the only prod-level and documented solution to register visits in Google Analytics directly from controller, but it's on PHP.

So, I return to my original question: Is there any php-ga ports to Ruby on Rails?

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i did not really understand what your exact question is, but if you are looking for a ruby implementation of a google analytics client library, you could have a look at garb

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I'm asking about registering visit in GA from controller (e.g. server side), not view (e.g. client side). And I do not see that GARB can do this, it looks like more for reporting, not registering visitors – Wile E. Feb 5 '12 at 18:56

Seems to have been abandoned last year, but try gabba, it probably still works:

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